Your Tax Deductible Donations Help Us Help Others Today

Why Donate to P2E?

If not for a tax deduction, then use your earmarked gift to help us produce an Education Workshop or a positive-themed Fundraiser. We at P2E count on the kind support from individuals, grantors, corporate sponsors and advertisers to help us do our work. We do not apply for, nor accept or receive, city, county, state or federal funding.

People Helping People Helping People

Make someone else's life better today via our 1-time Emergency Assistance program. Be it for a medical bill, a utility bill or another expense, there are often those tough times when folks just need a helping hand.

"You have the Power..."

Be it for yourself, for a loved one, a friend or perhaps even a person you might never meet, your tax deductible donations to our 501c3 nonprofit AIDS Service Organization help us help others today.

Help Our Cause

Your generous support, by way of a tax deductible contribution today, will enable us to meet our education goals and improve the conditions of our clients. Your donation funds our mission to "Think Globally, Act Locally." - You have the Power...

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