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New Album, New Music "Hold On To Me"


Hold On To Me is available now for digital download purchase at iTunes and at Amazon or for actual CD purchase (along with more fun JC merch) at www.jadencornelious.com/shop.

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Jaden Cornelious Fundraising


Be it for Humans or for our Four Legged Friends, check out all the great work done by Jaden and his team in various parts of the globe. www.jcfundraising.com

Jaden's Bio

Jaden Cornelious, International Classical Crossover Singer/Songwriter has sold albums all over the world in several genres and is currently performing select singles (and much more) from his third classical crossover album, Hold On To Me, a compilation chock full of both new and favored pieces, many of which were written, co-produced and arranged by him and his great friend, John "Bonzo" Butler. This album is the exciting follow up to Jaden's well received album, Solo Por Ti. Both are available for purchase and download now.

With this album, an eclectic mixing of classical, pop and hip hop together in his own most individual style, Jaden shows us there is no limit to the diversity of his versatility in musical genres!

Inspired largely by Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, and released in 2012, Jaden’s single “Nature’s Miracle” (and the fundraising campaign that went with it, benefitted three wonderfully inspiring charities).  The single is still available for download in 3 different versions at the Jaden Cornelious Fund raising site proper, www.jcfundraising.com. 100% of download sales will be still be split equally between the three charities.

Now married and living in Mexico, Jaden is regularly traveling between there and back to his childhood homeland to North Devon and London in order to perform for his many varied charitable causes for JC Fundraising. One big new push is A Cause 4 Paws (helping at risk dogs and cats find care and potentially safe new homes).

Jaden has had over 93,000 views/plays on MySpace and YouTube, has 10,000 plus friends, subscribers and followers on Facebook, Twitter and there are more every day in other social media.


Crossing the Pond to the U.S. in Fall of 2012, Jaden rapidly developed a strong new fan base stateside for his original takes on his classical crossover style. The movie to Mexico and the work of JCF in various places only expanded the play of his music more.

Audiences of all backgrounds love Jaden’s innocent and boyish good looks, is warm and humble attitude and his charismatic stage presence. But, it is when he speaks, and even more so when he sings, that the real Magic begins.

Jaden’s voice easily makes the transitions from note to note like liquid thunder at times, and as delicately as the flickering but vibrant light of a candle at others. Like no other UK import before him, Jaden is truly unique, taking all audiences by happy surprise each and every performance. While he may be short in stature, something big, something powerful and something truly inspirational booms out of this young man’s lungs in every song he delivers.


Brought up on the music of Olivia Newton-John, ABBA and Cliff Richard, Jaden has always loved great easy listening country and pop as well as other classical and contemporary influences. Jaden started singing at a very young age in gospel churches around the UK. For 7 months he sang with a Gospel Choir in Ajax-Toronto in Canada before returning home to his native UK.

Back in the UK Jaden became a Pop/R&B singer and formed a couple of boy bands until his band B-YOND was formed, featuring both his writing and choreographic chops. During his time with B-YOND, Jaden made many 

appearances on TV programmes such as Blue Peter, Good Morning, Fives Company, The Big Breakfast, MTV Music, The Box and more.

Jaden was Blue Peter’s first music documentary, where he was interviewed and indeed liked by Simon Cowell. Bags of fan mail were sent to Jaden after this one episode. Many of these fans still support Jaden today. Jaden appeared with B-YOND again in Blue Peter when they were in the final 7 for a song for Europe in 97 with their song ‘Lighten Up’ along with the likes of Katrina and the Waves, who won for the UK. B-YOND entered the Thessaloniki Music festival Cyprus and Malta, which in Europe, was as big as the Eurovision song contest. Many countries sent their finest artists to compete for the 1st prize. In the 20 years of the competition, the UK had never even placed in the top ten. This year, however, in front of a stadium audience of 36,000 and televised to over 108 million people, Jaden and his group B-YOND took 1st Place for the UK. Jaden was interviewed many times and sang with B-YOND on Pump TV, a local cable channel based in Slough-Berks. The interviewer was a then as yet unknown Sasha Barron-Cohen.

After signing to Logic BMG, B-YOND’s single, “The Key” reached No. 4 in the dance charts (with mixes by Phat and Phunky & Joey Musaphia) and took them to over a thousand gigs worldwide, 

playing to over 308 million people. The band had an 18,000 strong fan base both in the UK (and abroad), appeared in a great many teenage magazines: Live and Kicking, Smash Hits, NOW, SHOUT, MIZZ, Top of the Pops and in many local, national and even 

international news papers, not to mention several national and 

international TV shows Big Breakfast, Blue Peter, Five’s Company, 

Good Morning with Anne and Nick, Pump TV, The Box and Live TV. The band toured with the likes of Steps, Bewitched, Billie Piper (DOCTOR WHO's "Rose Tyler", Happy Clappers, Gwen Dickie, Cleopatra, Alibi, The Nolan Sisters, All Saints, Five, Bucks Fizz, North & South, Kavana, Peter Andre, Tina Cousins and more.


After B-YOND, Jaden signed to Good Groove to begin his solo career. Throughout his music career in the 90’s, he recorded, wrote and worked with amazing writer/producers such as Random Music-Sweden, Lulu, Peter Cunnah, Tony Swain, Tom Nichols, Adam Green, Steve Mac, Mike Stock, Oswin Falquero, Rik Mitra, Billy Laurie, Elliot Kennedy, Helen Boulding, Mike Olton, Greg Fitzgerald, Tim Hawes, Keith Beauvais and Aaron Friedman before taking a break from the music business.

As both his musical career and the work of the JCF have increased, Jaden has been to over 26 countries and continues to reach out with his musical talents to help others in numerous ways. Worthwhile causes have ranged from helping orphans in Bucharest, Romania via the Children in Distress NPO, to helping save endangered species and the Peruvian Rain Forest via the ACEER Foundation, to serving on the Board of Power2Endure.org, a U.S. based Health and Human Services non-profit benefitting those with HIV/AIDS (& STDs). Jaden has most recently been named an “International Ambassador of Hope” for the worldwide Dab The AIDS Bear Project and can now be seen at events with either their AIDS or Breast Cancer Awareness Teddy Bears.

There are many more charitable cause about which Jaden is passionate. 

For a more complete list and greater descriptions, please visit


Contact Jaden Today!

Jaden can be reached via his music site or by way of contacting his JC Fundraising team in the UK or elsewhere. Messages or booking requests for him can also be left for him with james@power2endure.org

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