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Having spent a career of networking, sales, promotion & fund raising for many diverse, varied projects & causes, including Political Candidates, Entertainment Venues, Religious Institutions and many other Charitable NonProfit Causes (chiefly among them those raising education, awareness and providing varied services for those infected & affected with or by HIV/AIDS, James spent the last 9 years building a rather impressive network of persons from across the nation and around the globe with one common purpose: to “Think Globally & Act Locally” as we approach how best to deal with this ongoing HIV/AIDS Pandemic (as well as other illnesses that impact the lives of many) on a Grass roots Level but with a National Focus. James’ House Ltd, now Power2Endure.org is one meaningful answer.

James’ career has included a lifetime of sales, promotion & serving as a fund raiser for political (both parties), religious (various denominations), professional charitable & arts organizations (both for profit & not for profit). James is an artist himself, a trained actor, singer, published writer & CDC Certified Testing & Counseling Specialist with emphasis on HIV/AIDS, MSM & At Risk Youth and Life Coach. Additionally, James has excelled in working for/with sales & promotional professional & community based service organizations, reaching out to those many considered untouchable or inaccessible. His resourcefulness, tenacity & sometimes outlandish or outrageous approach to fund raising (“Never blend”) has served him, & those for & with whom he worked, over the last thirty-plus years, well.

As his late Grandmother used to say, “It doesn’t matter how you feel. It does matter how you look. After all no one truly cares {over time} how you feel. But if one looks bad, People will talk. Always, regardless of the occasion, or your circumstances, look your very best. In the end, it is that which is most distinctly recalled.” James has added a bit to the idea, “Always dress your best. And Dress for Success. Know your audience before you make your entrance, and know how to work a room.” In the words of Dolly Parton, “Its not Show Art, its Show Business.” Such is true with non-profit fund raising, just as much as it is true in all other forms of business.

Over his life as this Bio makes plain, Sales, Marketing & Fund raising have been most prominent. As a Carnival Barker, a P.T. Barnum of sorts for a wide and varied range of purposes, causes and projects, James learned how to both stand out in a room of Brooks Brothers clad folks via his “costumes” (be it donning a somewhat conservative suit in a Leather Club & vice versa). Later jewelry & then subtle to not so subtle cosmetic touches -as well as to mask his personal medical conditions. From Alice’s harried white Rabbit & Mad Hatter, to Dorothy’s Tin Man & Wizard, to various incarnations of Bram Stoker’s Vampire, to a magical Chocolate maker named Wonka, to Disney & Comic Book (Hero or Villain) influences & many more caricatures, James found success in accomplishing both goals. “Chameleons do more sometimes than simply change colours & often it is NOT to blend or to camouflage themselves.” He does note, however, “The two sided coin of non-profit success has been both Fund raising & Development, both requiring one’s ability to shine brighter than others in a room while still maintain a degree of humility.”

In addition to being HIV+ since 2001, James is a 4-time Stroke and 1-time Heart Attack Survivor as well as one living with hereditary occasional seizures from Epilepsy. Over the last 10+ years, greater measures have been called for to maintain health and wellness. “I suppose my Leonine self deems a certain degree of Machiavellian measures or Alexander-like marching on while others turned back for the comforts of home, appropriate. Some get it while others do not. My work is my joy & my joy is my work. There are no “off days” or times when I step away from it all as some do. Perhaps for some that may explain why there has never been room or a desire for a Partner/Spouse in my life. C’est la vie. I am told some need that “stepping away” thing. I liken it to folks who retire only to find how incredibly boring they found it & thus shortly thereafter elected to find a positive outlet for their remaining energy and years, often helping others through volunteering or working with non-profits.”

A true child of Hollywood, Rock-N-Roll, Mickey Mouse America, home of Marketing Gone Wild & Social Media, James believe his work is 24/7. “Americans, like no other respond more to the what’s in it for me mentality. “Photo-Ops” with Celebrities, Dinners or the latest in Entertainment, tax write-offs & other factors far more stimulate giving. It might seem harsh, but it is Real. If out of his home, James is always “on”, mindful of every word, gesture, posture, & each stitch of clothing, piece of jewelry &/or make-up he wears to do what he feels must be done to help those we seek to help or to empower themselves through personal advocacy. James does not mind acting, dressing or even being the clown (fool, if one prefers) if need be, if it serves the greater good. After all, at the beginning & end of each day, he’s ever mindful that “the show must go on.” As Shakespeare wrote, “The Plays the thing...”

An Oglethorpe University Alumni (Class of 1987 - Political-Science/Liberal Arts) - humbled to have been given the 2012 ‘Spirit of Oglethorpe’ Humanitarian Award, James is a Chi Phi Fraternity (Rho Delta Chapter), an “Ambassador of Hope” for the DabTheAIDSBearProject.com, a member of Kiwanis, worked several years at Aid Atlanta & worked in the Entertainment Industry - with both his own companies in Los Angeles: RUBICON Entertainment Inc. & RUBICON Talent Management, as well as for others.

While in Atlanta, Georgia James worked for both The Alliance Theatre Company and Georgia Ensemble Theatre & Conservatory (doing all manner of sales and fund raising for each). In Los Angeles, James was among those on the fund raising team that established The Los Angeles International Dream Center (an inner city homeless & at risk shelter, food kitchen, literacy & job skills training, multiple outreach facility now housed in the old Queen of Angels Hospital (where he also resided during the project) off the 101 at the infamous intersection of 18th St. & Alvarado. He attended Malibu Vineyard while in L.A.. Back at home in GA James has helped with, participated in, and/or contributed to events & activities for Trinity Foods For Life, The Essence of Being, Georgia Conservation Voters, Numerous AIDS Walks & Benefits in GA and elsewhere, Georgia Equality, Lost-N-Found Youth, The MISTER Center, the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society (‘Light the Night’), The American Cancer Society’s ‘Relay for Life’, J.D.R.F.’s ‘Walk for a Cure’, Susan G. Komen’s ‘Race for the Cure’ & the ‘3-Day’, the American Heart/Stroke Association events (“Project Red Dress”) & many more.

James’ Resume HIV/AIDS & other STDs (& more) educational experience is as follows:

* Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center - attended classes in HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention

* Aid Atlanta – attended then taught and/or participated in AIDS 101, “Life Guard” (a 6 week intensive for MSM on HIV/AIDS & all other STDs, Lifestyle choices, Awareness, Prevention & the Importance of Knowing Your Status - taught for 2 years), w/Fulton County Health Department Mobile Van - Hepatitis A/B vaccines and Statistical Gathering, Member of the Georgia Statewide Speakers Bureau (1 man presentations to progressive High Schools & Colleges on “Living With AIDS” or HIV/AIDS & other STDs.

* CDC Testing & Counseling Certified for HIV/AIDS (& STDs) using both OraQuick & OraSure Tests and more (including Administering the tests as well as delivering & Counseling with the results).

* South East Regional Gay Men’s Health Summit - 2 years as facilitator & presenter - JAX & Destin, FL.

* Positive Impact - Various classes for HIV/AIDS Instructors including the THRIVE Weekend. As a participant, to learn & to grow, 

James has also participated in Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, & Diabetes & Heart Disease CME & ongoing Educational programs.

Most recently James has been duly Certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

As said prior, James’ present exclusive primary focus these days (and for the last 9 years) is all things to do with the former James’ House, now Power2Endure.org. However, he is unashamedly & unabashedly candid in presenting the more personal aspects of himself and his life, despite the fact that they bear little or no impact on the recruitment of staff, board, board at large, our Celebrity ‘Friends With Power’ or the consideration of P.2.E. Clients. Be that as it may, for those who feel thy must know more of the man behind the concept, the following is respectfully submitted:

James is Gay, HIV+, Christian, & a Progressive (Having worked in the Political “Game”, he knows the “Game” well enough to know what most of it really is all about - Sales, Media, Marketing and oh, always ‘follow the Money’). 2 parts Scot, 1 part Irish & 1 part German, James is the atypical textbook Leo; always ‘bigger, better, brighter picture driven (ala Alexander). James has been an adoptive Parent/Guardian.

“I have a great family, every bit as crazy (especially my Father) & eccentric as I am. I love History & the lessons it teaches. I still believe in ‘Truth, Justice & the American Way’ (love all things Superman – his challenges with kryptonite, mine with this thing call HIV/AIDS) & Doctor Who, a tale of a seemingly ageless yet ages old traveler of time & space who has an abiding respect for all creatures and the environment, whose mantra resonates with me mightily, ‘I am & always will be the Optimist. The Hoper of Far Flung Hopes. The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams.” “ I still love People, this nation & the peoples & all creatures of this world. I still believe in ‘Bigger, Better, Brighter.’ And I believe Mediocrity, Average, ‘the Status Quo’ or electing to Acquiesce, to settle with things simply as they may be, or may have once been, are all far from acceptable. I deeply believe we are all citizens of the Earth despite our respective nationalities and that mutual respect for all persons, regardless of race, color creed, religion, gender, economic status, fame or anonymity, is essential if we are to move forward in Love & harmony. I love Music & the Arts (particularly film). I believe the future can be a positive place for us all and heartily embrace Gene (Star Trek) Roddenberry’s visionary portrayal of a future wherein racial, cultural & all other differences are embraced, where hunger, war, oppression & most other negatives are aberrations as opposed to the expected norm. I am told I have a wicked sense of humor, albeit with a bit of a sardonic twist.”

“Power2Endure.org, & all it stands for, from its Mission Statement, to our non-judgmental stance/s & more, on through to our embrace of the simple but powerful ‘Ordinary Miracles’ and the ‘Paying it Forward’ concepts, is dedicated to the enduring spirit of my Mother, Margaret “Peggy” Rogers Leggat (as well as many family members & loved ones of both Board & Staff who lost their respective battles to one or more of the 4 illnesses upon which we place focus Cancers, Diabetes, Heart Disease and of course HIV/AIDS). She was a Survivor though Cancer (Lymphoma) took her. She was a Parent and a serious disciplinarian when it was not even less fashionable, an idealist in a world of conformists. She was a force to be reckoned with and yet she had the capacity to be as gentle as a springtime breeze. She taught my siblings and I to be free, self-thinkers, to reach out & to spread our wings as she watched over, ever so protectively, from the sidelines. More liberal than she’d care to admit or like me to say, and yet a true conservative without a hidden agenda, she taught us to respect all people & cultures & all life on this planet. She loved the written word in nearly all forms & supported us even when we were obviously headed off in the wrong directions. Strict but fair, stern and stoic, dark and bright, she was an artist and an unquestionably independent spirit, yet ever a Lady (perhaps the contemporary version of a ‘Steel Magnolia’). Most of all, she was my best friend.”

“I have worn” (wear) “many shoes. My Momma always said. ‘you can tell a great deal about a person by their shoes. They tell where they” (you’ve) “been.” - Forrest Gump

“I believe a stranger is simply a friend one has yet to meet” - James M. Leggat, Jr.

Be safe & be well - Love, James

Power2Endure.org/James House Ltd.

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