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Sometimes there are great community ideas that need a little help from a local 501c3 nonprofit to get their mission accomplished. We're proud to be a part of both of these two organizations who, when circumstances allow, we're happy to sponsor and support the important work each does. The Never Give Up Campaign and The HANA Initiative Program are two of these great ideas.

The Never Give Up Campaign


The Never Give Up Campaign

NGUC is an Atlanta based community service organization focused on spreading good will and encouraging others to love themselves and others equally and unconditionally.

One of their ongoing projects is helping the homeless, presently by way of their distributing personal hygiene kits in various parts of downtown Atlanta (under the auspices and guidance of Gentle Spirit Christian Church in Decatur). For more information on upcoming events, please contact Matthew Scott Lyle matt@power2endure.org.

Also, should you have items you believe can help the work of this campaign do not hesitate to reach out and share today. Some of those might include slightly used clothing, coats, sweaters and blankets.

Please also feel free to check out their Facebook page @NeverGiveUp2012

The H.A.N.A. Initiative Program


The HANA Initiative Program

The H.A.N.A. Initiative - HIV/AIDS North America

Our Purpose: To get a hard copy of the HANA Initiative Project to every college or university in North America.  To inform North America about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.  

"Spread the word about HIV/AIDS - not the virus!"

Ambitious as it is exciting, please join the "Initiative" and become a Sponsor or Advertiser for HANA today.

For more information on the project, please contact the programs coordinator, Steven Jones HIV/AIDS (on any search engine) or communicate any questions or comments for him to us at info@power2endure.org and we'll happily pass them along.

The web page describing this exciting project is:


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